10 Lesson Outline

10 Lesson Outline:

This is only a sample of the typical outline the student and I will work on. Some students may advance faster or require extra sessions to work on a particular technique. My goal for the new student is to teach them the ability to play on the golf course by the end of a 10 lesson series.

Lesson #1:
Grip, Stance, Posture, & Balance Transfer Basic Swing (9:00 O’clock to 3:00 O’clock). (A.K.A. Chipping)

Lesson #2:
1) Review of Lesson #1
2) Introduction of the Wrist Hinge; still swinging 9:00 – 3:00. (A.K.A. Half Swing or Pitching).
3) Hitting a straight putt.

Lesson #3:
1) Review of the Wrist Hinge: Based on the student’s ability, this lesson maybe repeated on what we worked on in Lesson #2. If not, the full swing will be introduced.
2) Hitting longer and breaking putts.

Lesson #4:
1) Review of the full swing.
2) Introduce the full swing with woods and talk about ball position.
3) Chipping. A.K.A. Bump and Run.

Lesson #5:
1) Review of the full swing with both irons and woods.
2) Pitching. Hitting it higher and stopping the ball quicker on the green.

If the student decides to continue another series of 5 lessons, this would be the next series.

Lesson #6:
1) Review of the full swing and creating more leverage to increase distance.
2) Bunker Play

Lesson #7:
1) Working on the full swing and improving techniques.
2) Learning to control distance with the wedges.

Lesson #8:
1) Working on the full swing.
2) Student’s choice for the second part of this lesson.

Lesson #9:
1) Working on the full swing for 15 minutes.
2) Simple Rules and Etiquette.

Lesson #10:
Playing lesson for the hour.

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